READ ME: Tokens at launch


  • $ORB is not available at launch of Orby - TBD on its token generation event

  • $esORB is available - the only way to earn $esORB is by depositing $USC in the Stability Pool

  • $esORB is not tradable - we will enable the 1:1 exchange of $esORB to $ORB at TGE only

What's the incentive for holding $esORB?

We aim to reward active and early supporters of Orby. This includes users who actively borrow $USC, deposit liquidity into the Stability Pool, and interact with the broad Orby ecosystem. When you LP into the Stability Pool, you automatically will start earning $esORB.

Hold onto your $esORB and stay tuned for more updates on our reward programme!

What can I do on Orby at launch to earn?

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