*ORB is not yet in circulation, and will be released sometime after the launch of Orby Network.

TLDR: Any $ORB deposited in the Vault earns a share of revenue

ORB is the protocol’s revenue sharing token. ORB is a tradable token on DEXs and CEXs. It can be deposited in the Vault for more utilities.

Users who deposit $ORB in the Vault can enjoy the following rewards:

  1. $esORB rewards

  2. Share of protocol revenue in $USC and $cdcETH

  3. Stability fuel - a boost on your $esORB rewards if the user is a Stability Pool depositor

Obtain $ORB via 3 methods

  1. Buy on open market

  2. Convert their $esORB to $ORB (the conversion will take a total of 90 days to complete)

  3. Airdrops - stay tuned!

$ORB will have a fixed total supply of 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion).

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