Brand Guidelines

Welcome to the Orby Network community! We appreciate your enthusiasm and creativity. To ensure a cohesive and positive representation of our brand, please adhere to the following guidelines when using our logos, icons, and brand assets.

Usage Permissions:

Orby Network users and enthusiasts are encouraged to use our logos, icons, and brand assets for creative artworks and marketing. However, usage is subject to compliance with the guidelines outlined below.


Consistent Branding:

Use the official Orby Network logo and brand colours consistently across all materials, following the guidelines provided.

Positive Promotion:

Promote Orby Network in a positive and professional manner in all communications.

Legal Compliance:

Follow all applicable laws and regulations related to the promotion and use of dApps, digital assets, and DeFi protocols.

Respect Intellectual Property:

Respect Orby Network's intellectual property rights related to branding and marketing materials.

Content Reporting:

Report any contents that violate these guidelines.

Community Engagement:

Reach out to our Community Managers for clarifications regarding the use of Orby Network brand assets.

Collaboration Proposals:

Feel free to complete the collaboration request form if you propose an official marketing collaboration.


Alterations without Approval:

Do not alter or modify the official Orby Network logo or brand colours without our team’s prior approval.

Deceptive Use:

Do not use Orby Network brand assets in any way that might mislead or deceive customers, including creating fraudulent or copycat accounts, products, or services.

Reputation Damage:

Do not engage in any behaviour that could damage the reputation of the Orby Network brand.

Illegal or Unethical Activities:

Do not use Orby Network brand assets to promote or conduct any illegal, unlawful, or unethical activities.

Unauthorised Merchandise:

Do not use Orby Network brand assets to create merchandise or physical products without our team’s express approval.

False Partnerships:

Do not use any Orby Network brand assets that imply an official partnership or endorsement if it does not exist.

Endorsement of Other Products:

Do not use Orby Network brand assets to promote or endorse other financial, crypto, or DeFi products or services without our team’s prior approval.

Guideline Adherence:

Do not use any Orby Network brand assets except those explicitly set out in these guidelines.

Trademark Information:

The trademarks of Orby Network are exclusive property and may only be used in accordance with these guidelines or explicit permission from Orby Network. Misuse may result in legal action. Orby Network reserves the right to revoke permission at any time and without notice.

For inquiries, contact us on social media, Discord, or Telegram.

Thank you for being part of the Orby Network community!

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