What is Orby?

Welcome to Orby Network, Cronos’ first native stablecoin lending protocol! Imagine a platform that allows you to access liquidity without worrying about incurring high or unpredictable interest costs, all while preserving and growing your deposited assets.

Orby Network is designed to make lending on DeFi easy, safe, and accessible. At its core, Orby enables interest-free borrowing of $USC, a decentralised, overcollateralized stablecoin.

With Orby, you can:

  • Supply multiple types of collateral to borrow (i.e. mint) $USC Note: Currently Orby only supports $CDCETH as collateral

  • Borrow $USC interest-free and at a low minimum collateral ratio of 135%

  • Earn

  • Redeem USD 1 worth of collateral for 1 $USC at any time

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