How to use the Redemption feature

*Redemptions are only enabled 2 weeks after the launch of Orby Network

You will always be able to swap 1 $USC for USD 1 worth of collateral on Orby’s platform.

  1. Head to the Redemption page

  2. Input the amount of $USC you want to use. The corresponding amount of collateral that can be redeemed will be automatically calculated and displayed

  3. Alternatively, you can input the amount of collateral you want to redeem and the amount of $USC needed will be automatically calculated and displayed.

  4. Once you have carefully reviewed the details, click on “Redeem” and sign the transaction in your wallet. The displayed amount of collateral will be sent to your wallet address once the transaction is confirmed.

Note: the final amount of collateral you can redeem is net of a variable redemption fee

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