What is $USC?

$USC is Orby's decentralised, overcollateralized stablecoin that is soft-pegged to the US dollar.

$USC will essentially function as 3 things:

  • A store of value. As a stablecoin, $USC is designed to hold its value to a peg in spite of volatility

  • A unit of exchange. With the above property as a stable store of value, $USC is designed to be used to facilitate transactions

  • A unit of account. $USC will function as a unit of measurement for on-chain products, similar to how FIAT currencies denominate off-chain goods and services

Maintaining peg stability is critical for any stablecoin. That's why Orby is designed around ensuring and incentivising $USC's resiliency. Our robust risk management features are summarized below:

To read in more detail about these features:


Recovery Mode

Instant Liquidation



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