Repaying $USC

In order to unwind a position and reclaim underlying collateral, a user will first need to repay borrowed $USC. When $USC debt is repaid, these $USC tokens are burnt and removed from circulation. There are a few things to note about the repayment process:

  1. A minimum debt of $USC 100 must be maintained in a shuttle in order for it to remain active

  2. If a user chooses to repay all his debt, the shuttle will be closed (i.e. become inactive)

Total amount of debt = $USC that a user received in his wallet + accumulated borrowing fees
  1. If a shuttle is closed, the $USC 20 liquidation reserve is not refundable and will be burnt and removed from circulation

Commonly asked questions

My shuttle says I owe [$120.05], but I only need to repay [$100.05]. Why?

That's because you don't have to repay the USC20 liquidation reserve. This reserve is ONLY charged to you if you get liquidated.

My debt is [$120.05]. Why can I only partially pay a maximum of [$0.05]?

You can either choose to 1) fully repay or 2) partially repay your debt. If you partially repay your debt, keep in mind you need to maintain at least USC100 in your shuttle at all times.

For example, if you have borrowed $120.05 USC, this is how much you need to repay:

  • Full repayment = shuttle debt amount - liquidation reserve = 120.05 USC - 20 USC = 100.05 USC

  • Max partial repayment = shuttle debt amount - liquidation reserve - minimum USC 100 in a shuttle = 120.05 USC - 20 USC - 100 USC = 0.05 USC

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