Airdrop Campaign

The Orby Airdrop Campaign will be conducted over multiple seasons. Eligible participants will receive $ORB as a reward. $ORB has yet to be released, and details of its token generation event will be revealed at a later date.

Season 1

For a chance to qualify for Season 1 of the airdrop campaign, users must earn a minimum number of points. Points can be earned from completing activities within 3 main categories: 1) Orby, 2) Partners, 3) NFTs.

A snapshot will take place at the end of Season 1. Points captured in this snapshot will go towards calculating your final points score.

Details on the activities and relevant actions are outlined below:


  • The number of points per activity will not be disclosed until the end of Season 1

  • We may add more eligible activities to this list as we onboard more partners

Minimum Qualification Criteria

Users need to earn a minimum number of points by the end of the snapshot to qualify.

How final points score is calculated

The points that you have earned by the end of the snapshot may not be your final points score. The final points score can be influenced by other factors which will not be revealed until the end of Season 1.

Hint: We will have a surprise in store for our earliest supporters!

Commonly asked questions

How long is Season 1 for?

Season 1 will likely be held over several months, and end with us taking a snapshot to calculate user's final points. The end date of Season 1 has not been disclosed yet.

Where can I track my points?

We are currently working on a system to allow you to track your points on our website. Stay tuned!

Do I have to complete all the activities above to qualify for the airdrop?

No. The main criteria is that you need to earn a minimum number of points to qualify for the airdrop. For example, if the only activity you completed was to "open a shuttle", but the amount of $USC you borrowed exceeded the minimum points criteria, you will be eligible for the airdrop.

Wen $ORB?

$ORB will be launched at the conclusion of Season 1 airdrop campaign. It will likely be a fair launch (meaning there will be no IGO on VVS)

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