The Vault

*The Vault will only be available sometime after the launch of Orby. Stay tuned for more updates.

TLDR: Vault distributes protocol revenue to token holders

Holders that deposit $esORB and/or $ORB into the Vault both enjoy the same rewards, including:

  1. $esORB reward

  2. Share of protocol revenue in $USC and $cdcETH

  3. Stability fuel - a boost on $esORB rewards for users who are Stability Pool depositors

Withdrawing from the Vault - 90 day waiting period

Holders that wish to withdraw their $esORB and/or $ORB from the Vault will have to undergo a 90-day waiting period before they can retrieve their tokens.

During this waiting period:

  1. The $esORB and $ORB will not earn any rewards

  2. All $esORB will be converted to $ORB at the end of the period

  3. The waiting period is not reversible - any tokens that have been withdrawn cannot be moved back into the Vault until the end of 90 days

Stability Fuel - boost your Stability Pool rewards

Stability Fuel is a feature that allows users to boost the APR of their Stability Pool deposits. Stability Pool depositors who deposit their $esORB or $ORB in the Vault will be able to earn a higher share of the $esORB emission that is distributed to the Stability Pool.

A higher amount of $esORB and $ORB deposited in the Vault will give you a higher boost multiplier. The boost multiplier will be used to multiply the value of staked $USC, such that you can earn a higher share of emission with the same amount of $USC staked.

The total Stability Fuel multiplier will be up to 2x.

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