*$esORB has been released before $ORB's token generation event (TGE) to allow pre-mining. Conversion to $ORB will be enabled after TGE.

TLDR: Any $esORB deposited in the Vault earns a share of revenue

$esORB is the time-locked version of $ORB. $esORB is revenue sharing, but non-tradable and non-transferable.

Users who deposit $esORB in the Vault can enjoy the following rewards:

  1. $esORB rewards

  2. Share of protocol revenue in $USC and $cdcETH

  3. Stability fuel - a boost on your $esORB rewards if the user is a Stability Pool depositor

Obtain $esORB via 2 methods

  1. Deposit $USC in the Stability Pool

  2. Deposit $esORB and/or $ORB into the Vault (coming soon)

$esORB use cases

  1. Can be deposited into the Vault for the same rewards and benefits as $ORB

  2. Can be converted from $esORB to $ORB (the conversion will take a total of 90 days to complete), after which it can be traded or transferred

  3. Is pegged 1:1 with the price of $ORB

Convert $esORB to $ORB - 90 day waiting period

Holders can convert their $esORB 1:1 to $ORB. Those that wish to convert their $esORB will have to wait 90-days for the conversion to be completed.

During this 90 day period:

  1. The $esORB will not earn any rewards

  2. The conversion is not reversible

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